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Meanwhile, at the Disney headquarter by markmak on DeviantArt i love this very much and alex looks so CUTE! <3

Meanwhile, at the Disney headquarter by markmak on DeviantArt(Alex Hirsch) Lmao this is great XD

Bed Time by Bshobe on DeviantArt

If I were dipper I would be mad that Mable made me carry her even tho she was awake but then again depending on how tiered I was I probably hit her head on the walls a couple times Lol

This is one of my favorite episode right next to sock opera  #GravityFalls #Stan #Family

This is one of my favorite episodes and one of my favorite Stan moments where Stan is protective of the kids!

Family love

Family love

It's times like this where people realise there's more to Mabel than just screwing around and rainbows and glitter. She cares about her brother and family. Mabel is the best sister

Uh, oh!Somebody's in love!  Sorry for the late, I redraw some panels so it took longer than I expected

This is a Gravity falls AU, named "Fight Falls" In this universe, Mabel and Dipper are 12 years old as well, but they are F*cking good at fighting.