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Will and Guy's funny duck pictures. Yellow ducks, black ducks and naturally, ducklings. Look out for the yellow ducks race, also the dog and duck picture.

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This is a great picture! I haven't seen a photo of a red headed woodpecker in ages, let alone one feeding its baby peepers.

Amelanistic raccoon. People keep mistaking this for an albino. Albinos have red eyes. This one has black.

[ALBINO RACCOON: " Me bein' a special color critter n' allz mayhaps kin getz a special treat' tonites?


Duckling on the right: "Donald! being carried downstream on this large leaf!" (Written By: © Lynn Chateau.

Amazing bird:

Amazing Purple Bird - Beautiful


Not all ugly ducklings turn out to be swans. They just grow to be ducks. But if you get all your ducks in a row you would agree that not all ducklings are ugly and anyway the ugliest of animal babi.

.Baby butts are adorable no matter the species!

Checkout these so Cute Baby Duck Pictures to Make you say Awww.

goose.  I miss the trio of geese we had growing up. They liked to eat the dog food and would have conversations with the cat through the screened windows.

Once at the san diego wildlife park I saw two ducks and it looked like one was saying "Lets go back to the pond!" As it was snapping at the other duck, when the other duck was saying "I'm going shopping!' Ducks are HILARIOUS!

As found on Oh So Shabby by Debbie Reynolds facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/debbieerey1

Put your left foot in, and you shake it all about . Heather it's a duck for you! Yeah it can only shake a leg too!

Roseatte Spoonbill taking flight, we saw these in Florida. Along with Ibis.

pink spoonbill coming in for a landing- Roseate Spoonbill, my favorite Florida Bird