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Marek Jarocki on

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

This reminds me of the Florence and the Machine song, "Bird Song."

I'm really enjoying the work of Brazilian illustrator Diogo Hornburg.

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Ellis: I like that it has a very apocalyptic look and style to it due to the gas mask and loose clothing.

Kel Sheaths Her Sword by *Maseiya on deviantART

Don't mess with her I like badass girls Lady Knight Keladry is (c) Tamora Pierce Photo taken with my iPhone TvT; Kel Sheaths Her Sword

Merric of Hollyrose --drawn by Minuiko

I kind of ship Kel and Merric… but he’s one of those characters I never really have a clear image of. I imagine him on the thin side just ‘cause Cleon’s the “big redhead” so I automatically think of Merric as the “little redhead,” haha.

Merric looked up at Neal, his blue eyes ablaze. “Tie me to my horse,” he said. “If you go without me, I’ll tell Lord Wyldon. Somebody ought to be there to chance bashing her on the head and fetching her home before it’s too late.” Neal looked at his year-mates and Faleron. “You do realize we should all be put in a nice, cozy room somewhere with muscular people to keep us from harm?” When no one replied, he shook his head. “I’ll pack your gear,” he told Merric. -Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce

Merric, Neal, and a number of Kel's year mates talking about going after her. -Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce

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Resultado de imagem para Sketches by Otto Schmidt

Resultado de imagem para Sketches by Otto Schmidt