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Awesome & Easy DIY Stamp Roller! (Lint Remover + Foam Shapes + Ink) Good Luck! xo Lane ✿

No to find a lint roller. Take a sticky roll lint remover, add some raised craft foam shapes and you have a great new way to stamp out some art! You can peel off the outer layers and make a different one - Endless possibilities!

8 awesome homemade Wind Chimes from Happy Hooligans!

Homemade Wind Chimes Made From Painted Sticks

8 Homemade Wind Chimes for Kids - Happy Hooligans 8 awesome homemade wind chimes for kids to make - Happy Hooligans Want excellent hints regarding arts and crafts?

Painted Mason Jar Planters - a new plant, greenery heading into the New Year

Mother's Day Crafts paint the jars with craft paint. Put some paint in the jar and turn until inside is covered. Maybe prepaint and add a flower for Primary kids to give to moms?

DIY and Craft Idea 740 - Another DIY Idea

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Diy Crafts Ideas DIY Strawberry Pom Pom Tutorial -Read More -

don't toss out your tin coffee cans; i love to paint them + reuse them as flower containers. other items that make great eco friendly pots ...

View family holiday's Homemade Craft Gift Ideas For Mothers Day collection. Creative Mother's Day Homemade Craft Ideas For Mothers Day can be given as gifts.

ice cream sticks crafts 10

Ice Cream Sticks Craft Ideas

ice cream sticks crafts 10

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Inspiration: Make your own fans with paper and sticks (Popsicle)

Inspiration: Make your own fans with paper and sticks (Popsicle) would be very cute for a DIY summer wedding.

It's that lovable mad scientist assistant, Beaker! What Muppet fan doesn't have a soft spot for this cute little guy?

Cardboard Tube Beaker Craft - Also paper plate Animal, paper plate Kermit, Styrofoam cup Fozzie.

Basteln mit Kindern - Traumfänger selber machen

Basteln mit Kindern - Traumfänger selber machen