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#Teo #teckel #dachshund

#Teo #teckel #dachshund


>(The wild roam free because they don't compromise their differentiality; They don't accept being average.


Horse licking his little kid friend, tickle tickle.

Best friends scalloped photo backdrop Animals sure can put a smile on your face and a giggle in your laugh.

Horses, put one foot in front of the other, just like this....

Pony: Now it goes like this. Put one foot up really high, then the other. This is a very fancy move my mom showed me. Horse: My foot can go much higher than yours can.

Beautiful Friesian

Drawing comparisons: 'It's like someone crossed a horse with the hunky lead from a romance novel,' Boredom Therapy wrote

Curly Foal ~ Fresh Farmhouse

We owned three curly horses - there are no horses like them. Curly horses are known for having extremely calm, intelligent, friendly, curious and willing personalities, often being described as having "puppy dog" temperaments.

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Mare nuzzling on foal that is lying in the lush green grass. Mountains in the background and a rainbow in the sky at sunset.