Leonardo da Vinci, (baptised Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci), (April 1452 – May one of the leading artists of the High Renaissance.

The Da Vinci Code

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Leonardo da Vinci (Italian, Florentine; Early Renaissance, 1452-1519): Lily, c. 1475. Pen and ink and ochre wash with white heightening over black chalk, the outlines pricked; 31.4 x 17.7 cm. Royal Collection, Windsor Castle, Windsor, UK.

Title: Lily Artist: Leonardo da Vinci – Nationality: Italian Completion Date: circa 1480 Style: Early Renaissance Genre: Sketch and Study Media: Chalk and Ink on Paper Location: Royal Collection, Windsor

Leonard de Vinci - 1512

Many are known about Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, yet many things still await to be discovered. Widely considered an archetipe of the “Re.

Copy after Leonardo da Vinci: Grotesque Head: Man in Profile to Right (17.142.3) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Leonardo da Vinci Thematic Essay Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo da Vinci: The Head of the Virgin in Three-Quarter View Facing Right, Black chalk, charcoal, and red chalk, with some traces of white chalk (? some remains of framing outline in pen and brown ink at upper right (not by Leonardo)

Vitruvian Man , Human Proportions, Leonardo Da Vinci Sketchbook.  Art Experience NYC  www.artexperiencenyc.com/social_login/?utm_source=pinterest_medium=pins_content=pinterest_pins_campaign=pinterest_initial

Leonardo Da Vinci art and science, understanding the nature of light

Vitruvian Man , Human Proportions, Leonardo Da Vinci Sketchbook - how to Draw Human Figure Resources for Art Students

da vinci flying object


Leonardo da Vinci’s plans for an ornithopter, a flying machine kept aloft by the beating of its wings;


Portrait of Michelangelo -- 1550 -- Daniell Ricciarelli da Volterra -- Teylers Museum -- Haarlem, The Netherlands

Leonardo DaVinci - Feline Studies

Page: Study sheet with cats, dragon and other animals Artist: Leonardo da Vinci Completion Date: Place of Creation: Rome, Italy Style: High Renaissance Genre: sketch Technique: chalk, ink Material: paper Dimensions: x cm Gallery: The Royal Collection

Leonardo Salai - Leonardo da Vinci - Wikimedia Commons

Drawing thought to be Salai (Gian Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno, better known as Salaì or Salaino, pupil of Leonardo da Vinci from 1490 to (c.