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The impact of childhood trauma on adult disorders. If you are treating a specific disorder but not treating the trauma, the underlying causes for the disorder cannot be healed. Trauma informed care is based on the premise that almost every human being has been exposed to trauma at one time or another.

Experiences from the earliest days of childhood play an important role in shaping the brain’s development. Learn more about the lasting impact of childhood trauma on chronic adult disorders.

why do we accept the love we think we deserve — Medium

why do we accept the love we think we deserve

In all things it is better to Hope than to Despair quote hope life quote positive quote inspiring quote despair

Carnival Booths made from PVC Pipes

Carnival theme for company parties, fundraisers, church events, and school events Carnival Booth PVC Frame Plans - DIY Carnival Booths - Customizable Fair booths

leicht gesagt ;)

leicht gesagt ;)


Grandma did not tell me this, but it is so true! This is the latest psychology idea. Sometimes what's in a mind is what the devil put there to make you go crazy.and believe stupid things.

bc im a funny kid. and sometimes they just don't get it;)

For real . "That awkward moment when your parents don't appreciate the HILARIOUS child they have." This was my childhood.

"Don't get hung up on the size. If you feel bad about yourself because a '12' is what fits, take a Sharpie and write '6' on the label." -Stacy London

I should hand out business cards with this quote when I hear people make a big deal about sizes.

This is very useful life hacks. And I guaranteed this can save your day from turning into the worst.

25 Funny Animal Signs

Haha I like how they call them "string things" cuz no one knows what they're called! 😉 (Comment Chocolate Marshmallow if you get my reference)


Inspiring image cute, dream, girl, happy, sonhando - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

I like the design, maybe with navy and coral or Mint and purple. I don't like the yellow and green

How To: Make A Kick Butt Resumé

How To: Make A Kick Butt Resum? ~~ Lots of great tips in here. The swag at the top would be too much for most job hunters and I don& like the usage of an all caps font, but I love how everything else is compartmentalized.