music in the park.

- Nina - 'You are music to my soul..."

- Nina - 'You are music to my soul.

violin portrait with daisy and music sheet

Look at that beautiful cello!


Someone WILL play the violin at my wedding and sing, since both of those things have been a huge part of my life.

I have been playing the violin for eight years now. It is the love of my life. At my high school, I was concert master of our orchestra for two years and I was involved in a partnership with the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where I received private lessons from an instructor at UMKC and attended various events and played at multiple recitals and orchestras. However, I am not playing here at UCM this year.

Nice fall picture - does that bow have black horsehair? Not used to seeing that on a violin bow.

.Violin. Time to go to bed.

Still Life with Capstan Candlestick, Smoke and Baroque Violin - by kevsyd Kevin Best

☆ ღ ♣༻Dior༺ ♣ ღ ☆

Love the simplicity and a beautiful violin

Violin in beautiful turquoise green shell swirls. A MOST POPULAR RE-PIN for this aptly named model series Liquid Violin. RESEARCH #DdO:) - - INSTRUMENTS FOR JOY - Company motto: Revolutionizin

peacock electric violin made by liquid guitar

Ꮇαnσɽ Hσuʂҽ Cɦɾíѕʈmas ~

gyclli: “VIOLIN VIRTUOSO BOKEH by Marquisa - ” -pictures as fairytale pretty like this on wedding day and all of our pictures through the engagement process. Bokeh technique used.