Benedict in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Terrorizing: Benedict Cumberbatch looks menacing on the cover of Empire magazine in his costume for upcoming film Star Trek: Into Darkness in which he plays terrorist John Harrison whois actually Khan

I just watched this episode hahahaha. But technically, it wasn't Spock's original idea: the man next to the "work of art" had just called her that

Funny pictures about Spock's got the moves. Oh, and cool pics about Spock's got the moves. Also, Spock's got the moves.

Kirk vs. Khan

Excellent Star Trek Into Darkness Artwork Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison, Chris Pine Cpt Kirk & Zachary Quinto Spock

And the glory of Benedict shall be known to all...

Hannah (Sherlock) on

Annie Get Your Gun/Star Trek mash up. PERFECTION.

Anything Kirk can do Khan can do better, Khan can do Everything better than Kirk <----LOL I *do* love my good guy Starfleet officers, but I can (Khan?) totally hear them singing this." "Yes I Khan, yes I Khaaan!" :)<< yes I Khan tho

Because he's Benedict Cumberbatch. Someone get this man a theme song already.

Yes, I know this is a Star Trek montage and not a Sherlock montage.but it's going on my Sherlock/anything cumberbitch board because that is where Benedict belongs.

Benedict oh my! | Benedict Cumberbatch - Best Movie Magazine March 2013 | @

So excited that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in the next Star Trek movie (Sherlock and Star Trek - Benedict Cumberbatch)

Aaaaaand DEAD! #cumberbatchedintodarkness

Star Trek into Darkness US, Japanese Trailer. Abrams' Star Trek into Darkness US teaser trailer, Japanese teaser trailer star Benedict Cumberba