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luna de pluton by acelerador117

Digital artwork originally created through the use of digital programs on a computer.


Draw your favorite apprentice and their warrior trainer. It can be from any book in the Warriors series.

Hawkstar. He is brave, fiercely loyal and strong. No mate or kits, but tons of females love him. He is an awesome fighter and a fair hunter. Funny, smart, and friendly his best friend is Kestrelwing who happens to be in another clan. Played by @Flythroughskys

StonePelt- Male- Deputy- smart, clever, loyal, interrupts BrightStar sometimes- no mate or kits- (Open) (Art by riverSpirit)

Back to front: BlazeFang, Tom, Mate is GrandFeather, no kits, protects her even if it means a fight. GrandFeather, she-cat, no kits, mate is BlazeFang, she is beautiful, and loves to be alone.

Hazelfeather blonde and brown she-cat mate: Blazestripe kits: none siblings: Rosefur ~Me~ Blazestripe black and orange tom mate: Hazelfeather kits: none siblings: none ~Open~

Snowstripe. She cat with no mate or kits. (Me.) 17 moons old. Beautiful, shy, sweet a very lovable. She is absolute beaufiful, most toms have a crush on her. She is an excellent hunter and she is very gentle, like a refreshing soft breeze.

(Me) Name: (Snowstripe) Gender:(Male) Sibling:(Icewhisper) Mate:(Bluestar)…

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For russian Warriors fan-site. He paused as he drew level with Fireheart.” he growled. “Keep your eyes open,.

Bramble paw. 6 moons and is an energetic kit. Her teacher is Dapple fang and wants to become a hunter. Daughter of Bark tail and Blue feather.

Robinstar leader of moonclan has mate darkheart two kits is very kind,loyal,smart,funny,and will die for here clan (ME)

"Fine. We are no longer mates." Said Honeybee as he slammed his claws against her head.

We are no longer mates." Said Honeybee as he slammed his claws against her head.

Ravenstar. She cat. Very attractive, smart, and sweet. Despite her kind and happy demeanor she is secretly bloodthirsty. She loves her clan no matter what, and has even killed a wolf to protect it. Strong swimmer, sleek and fast, long sharp claws. No mate or kits but is hoping to continue a strong and powerful blood-line. Me. Mentor to Dustpaw.

Crow feather is the second greatest climber she can also see far away she's a little jumpy at times but she has great friends mate:almost raven paw kits:none in moonClan

Mentor and Apprentice by Finchwing.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Tigerclaw and Ravenpaw. Tigerclaw was such a cruel mentor to the young black cat. That was an explanation to why Ravenpaw was so jittery. The art is by Finchwing.