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Herboristeria Herbasana Canals: Entre dos mundos

Reserved By Shawna Erback Greeting Card by Shawna Erback

I'll carry home the stars and plant them in my garden, and maybe I'll be blessed with a galaxy of you.

And the boy harvested stars from the sky for the brightest form of magic. "The sky has so many stars", he reasoned, "these will never be missed.

across chest

What does your inner altar look like? What is its scent? We are making out necklaces mirror your inner altar, so that you can.

Original Mixed Media on Canvas  Painting Home by ErinDuFraneArt

PRINT of Original Mixed Media Painting on Canvas - Painting Home Decor Artwork- Folk Art "Hearts Grow with Love"

illustration by Terry Runyan

Tucker & friend by Terry Runyan - iPhone Brushes Painting - Started with a sketch. Actually took a picture of it and painted on top in the Brushes App. Tucker needed a friend.

Shawna Erback

Reserved Surreal Art by Shawna Erback - sometimes you just have to leap.