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Beautiful big blood moon reflection on the water - Moon Photography by Stephen Warren

There is something about the moon that I just connect with.. can't explain; it's just there... #serene #peaceful #quiet

Blue Moon Writing Freebie - Today, August is a blue moon. Here's a quick and easy writing activity your students will enjoy. Grab it now because you can only use this lesson once in a blue moon!

“The most important thing is love," said Leigh-Cheri. "I know that now. There's no point in saving the world if it means losing the moon." (playing with the moon, photos by  LAURENT LAVEDER)

Art French landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist Laurent Laveder created a fun series of moon images with a twist. Using a few simple props and the human form hes transformed the moon into all manner of objects.

Pickering's Triangle (Seimis 3-188) : Part of the Veil Supernova Remnant - It is in the NW area of the Veil Supernova Remnant near NGC 6979 & NGC 6974 (luminous knots in a fainter patch of nebulosity). It is about 1,400 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. Hydrogen Alpha (Hα) & Oxygen (Olll) filters were used to bring out detail of the fine filamentary detail - Image : © astrodonimaging

Pickering's Triangle (Seimis : Part of the Veil Supernova Remnant - It is…

Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as this?

This Full Moon has doubled itself in its reflection over the water as a Crane flies by in silhouette.

Red Haired Fairy With White Dress Photo: This Photo was uploaded by QueenSheena. Find other Red Haired Fairy With White Dress pictures and photos or upl.


tall, tall palm tree against the soft, romantic moonlight.looks like the moon is suspended there.


Blue sea and full moon I would love to live on a boat and see this every night from somewhere in the south seas, or another beautiful place. I may as well do it some place that's like paradise to me.

How beautiful is your moon glow. That follows me through the night.

I adore pictures of the moon! I love the look of the branches.- Harvest moon i love the red moon


Spiderweb Moon, Fawler, England Visit our Page -► Wildlife and Nature Pictures ◄- For more photos

Blue moon...there was one the day Neil Armstrong was buried...kind of nice really.

Then I shall Say “Good-night, good-night! parting is such sweet sorrow / That I shall say good-night till it be morrow.” Xxx sweet dreams my princess x