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Place bulbs shoulder to shoulder across the surface of the soil, leaving no space between them. Then top off with more potting soil so the bulbs are just slightly below the surface. Water each container thoroughly, and finish with a layer of mulch.

Front porch arrangements

Beautiful container garden with Lime Potato Vine, Silver Lotus Vine, orange"Million Bells", Stipa grass, purple Coleus

Gorgeous Spring Container Gardens-Sweet Perfume-In your local garden centers, look for prechilled bulbs already potted and growing. Here, hyacinth bulbs fill the air with sweet perfume.

MOSQUITO REPELLING PLANTS Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Castor, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cedar, Peppermint, Clove, Geranium, Verbena, Pennyroyal, Lavender, Basil, Thyme, and Garlic

Outdoor Shelves Part Two: Framed Hens and Chicks

A trio of mosquito repelling potted plants (citronella, aka West Indian lemongrass, catnip, & cascading geranium). Perfect for the back porch.

Choose an area for your hydrangea that receives morning sun and afternoon shade. Zone 7 is fairly temperate, but its summer sunlight can be quite strong. Do not select a site that gets full afternoon sun or heavy shade (such as under a large tree). An exception to this, according to hydrangeashydrangeas.com, is the paniculata hydrangea, which will grow in full, all-day sun if watered adequately. They need at least 5 hrs of sunlight each day for good blooming.

Hydrangeas & Coffee Grounds – Adding coffee grounds or other organic material to your hydrangea’s soil will reduce the pH level and make aluminum more available to the plant. The result will be hydrangeas that are blue in color.

All that you need are some hanging baskets, giant flower pots, planter boxes or flower pots to get the job finished. Description from silverlightbox.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Part of the fun of setting up a container garden is choosing decorative planter pots to add style and color to your garden. Whether you grow in containers indoors or outdoors, take a look at these stylish pots that can add some flair to your garden!

Redhead Coleus And Silver Falls

The red Coleus David liked at brookgreen. "Redhead" coleus and silver falls (Dichondra hybrid) . I think there is a cordyline plant hiding in the back too .


good idea for under our tree -- Shade-Loving Container Garden Plan Brighten a shady spot by grouping an assortment of potted plants underneath a tree.

Every year I try to do my small part to support garden themed events for worthy charitable causes.  One such garden tour is the ann...

So beautiful! Love this outdoor container flower garden. I want this(exact look), a lot Tips for caring for your container garden this summer.

coleus and impatients

kingswood red coleus and bright pink impatiens container garden for shade or part sun.

Beautiful~Spreading sunset Lantana...Orange Drought Tolerant Plant for Garden | Eden Makers Blog

Lantana in tree form. To start a lantana tree, plant a small plant in spring, into a larger container. Begin shaping the tree as soon as new growth begins.

This galvanized old pot contains four types of heat tolerant annuals requiring full sun. I used one spike and two each of the other three types.  In the center is the accent plant, Dracaena spike, a tall, upright growing, grassy annual.  Around them are Calibrachea, trailing 1 inch petunias that bloom profusely until they slowly peter out by late summer. They come in a choice of colors ranging from yellow, peach, pink and purple.

Container Planting Ideas - - This galvanized old pot contains four types of heat tolerant annuals requiring full sun. I used one spike and two each of the other three types. (Dracaena Spike Grass, Calibrachea, Trailling Petunias and Trailing Verbena)

Get a Glimpse Into Darby Stanchfield's Gorgeous Garden

Get a Glimpse Into Darby Stanchfield's Gorgeous Garden

She plays a political gladiator on Scandal, but theres nothing scandalous about the way Darby Stanchfield spends her off-set hours. Youll find her gardening around her Los Angeles home and loving every minute of it. - My Garden Muse

How to Grow Bulbs in Containers - Bless My Weeds

How to Grow Bulbs in Containers