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Ice Wall Formation in Antarctica Copy Credit : Bryan Custov Copy Credit, Ice Wall, Winter Is

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"Out of whose belly does the ice actually come forth......."  Job 38:29

The textures of the Ice are simply amazing! This seasons Inspiration Condura Accessories

Frozen waves in Antarctica.

Funny pictures about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Also, Frozen Wave in Antarctica.

A fallstreak hole, also known as a punch hole cloud, is a large circular  gap, that can appear in cirrocumulous or altocumulous clouds.  are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water has not frozen yet. When ice crystals do form it will set off a domino effect, due to the Bergeon process, causing the water droplets around the crystals to evaporate: this leaves a large, often circular, hole in the cloud

This is a rare meteorological phenomenon called a ‘SKY PUNCH’. When people see these,they think it’s the end of the world. Ice crystals form above the high-altitude cirro-cumulo-stratus clouds,then fall downward, punching a hole in the cloudcover.

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Versoix, Switzerland, on Lac Leman - I cannot even fathom how cold it must be

~~ January 2005 trees, cars, streets, ships were all coated in ice during winter storms that hit Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

36 Incredible Places That Nature Has Created For Your Eyes Only, Midway Ice Castles, Utah

Winter snow: Midway Ice Castles Utah 36 Incredible Places That Nature Has Created For Your Eyes Only