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Strombus Gallus aperture Martinique 139mm photo by Gégé Gaschen

Strombus Gallus aperture Martinique photo by Gégé Gaschen

I love the queen conch shell ~ my favorite                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I love the queen conch shell ~ my favorite Plus, I think conch chowder is tastier than clam chowder.

My daughter brought me a shell like this from the Indian Ocean

Rose Pink Murex Shells Priced per Dozen by Shell World by Shell_World These shells remind me of a shell my aunt and uncle had on a table in their hallway. I'd always put my ear up to it to hear the ocean :)

ღღ Thank you Ms. lisa michaud molloy who wrote: This is a Thatcheria Mirabilis, also known as the Japanese Miracle Shell. Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Guggenheim Museum based on the proportions of this shell. ~~~Shells are Swell – Beautiful Examples of Seashell Photography | Inspiration

ღღ Unfortunately the name of these shells are not mentioned. If anyone knows theses shells by name, please add it in the comment line. ~~~~ Shells are Swell – Beautiful Examples of Seashell Photography

"Here is the fringey edge where elements meet and realms mingle, where time and eternity spatter each other with foam.  The salt sea and the islands, molding and molding, row upon rolling row, don't quit, nor do winds end nor skies cease from spreading in curves." 

Annie Dillard from Holy The Firm

This seashell photo represents the conch shells that I found in shallow water along the pristine, quiet stretches of beach in Jamaica.

Conch totem - Represents speech and intentions to uphold truths and beliefs. Teachers the awakening of the heart and to love along with sacred ceremonial religious practice. It's internal flame gives structure for enhancing power, authority and special sovereignty for effective spiritual evolution. Beginning something new has great potential. Conch will show you how to play your true song and find inner peace.

Conch totem - Represents speech & intentions to uphold truth & beliefs. Beginning something new has great potential. (my thought: play your true song from the depths of your heart's inner peace.