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I love the rain. When it rains, that's usually the time I go outside. I love the rain so much, it's hard to explain. I love the rain, because, it makes you feel like you aren't crying alone. I love the rain.because it just explains my life

Paris in the rain.  Photographer Christoph Jacrot

Paris in the rain-photographer Christophe Jacrot - Chill Hour

Unknown, Hanoi, Vietnam

(open rp) I sit in the rain letting the rain patter onto my umbrella as I write in my storybook. It's peaceful, almost relaxing. That is, until I hear footsteps coming toward me and a person sit next to me on the bench.

Rainy Day Lantern, Canton Vaud, Switzerland

GIF of rain softly hitting window pane and a realistic flickering candle in a lantern . I love the cozyness of this picture.