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¿Qué cita de la Biblia describe tu amistad?

¿Qué cita de la Biblia describe tu amistad?

How to Train Your Child'€™s Heart to Love the Lord: what a great resource for leading the heart of your child to Christ!

Child Training Bible {review} - Life by Ashley Pichea

#Motivational #Quotes | List of the Top 20 Motivational Quotes

Do you trust me when my answer is wait? - God-Need to remember this.

yellow // annauitbeijerse

yellow // annauitbeijerse

The Whole Book of Mormon in 15 Verses More

The Whole Book of Mormon in 15 Verses More [But of course you still gotta read it all, cover to cover.

"Scripture Cookies" ~~ "Cognitive thinking, baking, and the Bible. What more could you ask for in one activity?" :)

Scripture Cookies (with free printable recipe

Scripture Cookies (printable recipe - look up scripture to discover the ingredients)

31 scriptures to pray over your children.  This is the cry of my heart!  Now it's nice to have them laid out simply!

31 Ways to Pray for your Children. Superb list of a specific thing to pray for each day every month for your kids.

This is my list of our family favorites for Bible Study Resources for Toddlers through age 10. Use this list to help your kids start their own Quiet Time. :: http://www.inallyoudo.net

Getting Your Kids in the Word: Bible Study Resources for Little Ones & Youth

What Teach Your Daughter About God | Biblical Womanhood for Teens | How to Disciple Your Daughter | Ways to Teach Your Daughter | Help for Moms with Daughters | Truth That Sets Free | Bible Lessons for Daughters

5 Biblical Truths to Teach Your Daughter

Here are 5 lessons to share with your daughter about the complete and soul-satisfying identity to be had in Christ, and how she can live for Him.

Howard W. Hunter Chapter 10: "The Scriptures--The Most Profitable of All Study" Lesson helps. Much more than just handouts! www.LatterDayVillage.com

Relief Society lesson helps for Howard W. Hunter Chapter "The Scriptures--The Most Profitable of All Study"

25 wholesome ideas for an Elf on the Shelf or Christmas Elf

Our Christmas elf has been tromping around the house and getting into our mandarins! Do you have a Christmas elf at home? certainly heard about the occasional mischievous Christmas elf, but ours seems to like teaching the kids lessons about healt