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Beautiful Places World - Maui beaches

Maui beaches: Hawaii has a beach for everyone. Maui has just as much diversity as the entire island chain with over 30 miles of beaches. *I love this place.

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This is dawn in October looking from the island of Madeira towards the Isla Deserta.


Focus:Natural light focused onto the ripples of water and the smooth sand. Contrast between the real water color and the water effected by the light helps show focus.

Scripps Pier sunset alignment in La Jolla, California • photo: John H. Moore via Scripps_Oceanography on Flickr

Scripps Pier sunset alignment in La Jolla, California. Twice a year, the setting sun lines up with Scripps Pier. Photo by John H.

purple & orange hues with water reflection - gorgeous

Sunset in reflections.my husband's specialty. This isn't his but have so many of his reflections to pin. His photography is "REFLECTIONS by STEVE"

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Buttercup Sunset, Gloucester, England photo via legs the light reflection and Ora around the sun looks much like an eye. Very pretty!