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a bucket list for girls  grow old with the one i love bucket list

I love with all my heart and I will love for the rest of my life You are all that I want and more than anything I want to make you happy. I want to grow old with You

Mel, had she been Catholic ;)

Tooo funny - reminds me of my First Holy Communion - except I wanted to make that face after I got the wafer on my tongue but didn't or I would be threatened by nasty look from Sister Madeline!


Bob and Rose. by Millicent Harvey. This book is about the beautiful life of Bob and Rose and the love they have for each other. Photographs and interview by Millicent Harvey.

The value of a smile. A smile costs nothing but it means much. It enriches those who receives it & doesn't make poor the person who gives it. Though a smile may be given only once, the memory of it may last forever. The rich cannot survive without a smile, the poor cannot get rich because its comfort. A smile creates happiness to everyone, everywhere. It’s a sensitive sign of friendship, goodwill & it makes people part of your life. It is encouragement to the discouraged.

Grandma Betty - World Photography Organization Oh Grandma, how stupendously pretty your smile is, what a warm tingle it gives me to gaze upon your photo! OH how I'd love to sit down and just her some of her stories .

today I practice seeing and being real beauty. what is your practice for today? please join our Circle of Practice.  When we use our experience to understand others, have compassion for their hardships and act from loving concern, we become the beautiful people Ms. Ross is writing about.  Finding our way out of the depths is like being sculpted by God into a work of art equal to anything Michelangelo or any great has ever produced.

I really love old people. Cherish your elders, for they have the true wisdom of life.


Photographer Collin Key captured this beautiful laugh . On Top of the World / India, Ladakh, Himalaya / Children / Laugh / Play / Happiness / Smile /

Afar child with the hand of a proud father, Danakil desert, Ethiopia

Afar kid with the hand of his proud father, Danakil desert, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

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'Together Forever' by Lategana Michele. And so you see, it's you and me together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.