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Equestrian Problems #50... sometimes i just say i love it for the feel of wind in your face and bugs in my teeth!

Equestrian Problems: Trying to explain how difficult riding actually is to a nonhorseperson. (This is the most difficult thing EVER.) so true some people just don't get it!


Future husband, take note! Now that I have seen this no other proposal will be acceptable. And smart man! He's gotta buy a new horse to put the halter on tho


So funny and cute.and also so true! I guess I just never grew out of my obsessed with horses phase.

Basic Bit Types ~ Infographic

Basic Bit Types ~ Infographic

jump jump jump jump jump jump I did this at Tyrrell Park once with 10 in a row, no stride between, and very successfully.

Hehe, what a hair do the rider has. I thought you were supposed to put it under your helmet.

Equestrian Problems #26... take that football players!

Equestrian Problem - EVENTING: The only sport where you're required to have your medical information strapped to your arm.

Horse riding is truly a bonding time with a horse, even if it's not yours. I wish I had one!

people think it sound weird, but this is so true. my horses are always there for me and they truly are some of my best friends.


You know you're a horseback rider when.you can't wake up for school at 6 am, but you can get up for a horse show at 3 am. So true

I Know I might be Crazy but it's Worth Everything!!

Equestrians: Seriously Walking the line between insanity and bravery. A complete team two hearts as one. so true