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The second of my Puella magi cosplay pattern draft series. Considerably less intricate than Madoka's but by no means less cute X3 For further updates on myself and my work please visit: My Youtube:...

Attack on Titan Belts / Harness Tutorial - Part 1 by neptunyan on deviantART - Awesome! I kind of want to make a Hanji costume, after I finish Gajeel and San.

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This is the cutest thing (anime art)

What a beautiful piece of anime art I love eh background that emphasized with a sunset! :) looks like maka albarn

I'm not kidding but that is what I do every day                              …

This anime girl could possibly be described as "emo," but I still enjoy this image immensely. but you "still enjoy this image"? Is there something wrong with The Emo style?I enjoy this picture because of it's emo style.


loves cats and is one. Her mom was a cat and her dad was a shape shifter. They both got run over by cars 3 weeks after she was born.

~Es verdad, estoy viviendo porque no puedo morir, pero no tengo nada más que pueda hacer.~

Tags: "animal" "butterfly" "night" "sad" "scenic" "skirt" "stars" "umbrella" "underwater" Artist: "Megatruh"-this is realy freaking awesome :D I always want to look this pic all the time

Digital art by Patipat Asavasena

Rainy as hell // Manga / Anime Illustrations by Patipat Asavasena I usually look right past anime illustrations but this one caught my eye, there is something refreshingly calm about it.

this is a cool trick...pencil and just color the eyes. it really makes em pop!;):

this is a cool trick.pencil and just color the eyes. I love these sort of drawings. it makes the eyes more detailed and stand out. while the rest of the drawing is in light pencil.

Drawing down the moon....

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