The Norm Multi-Basket from Menu gives you the best of both worlds - it's a picnic basket & tray.

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Found it at AllModern - Whistler 10 Piece Tea Kettle Set

Svícen na čajovou svíčku Show

Svícen na čajovou svíčku Show od Menu, černý

Svícen na čajovou svíčku Show


Menu by Norm.

Menu Winebreather Carafe by Norm Architects – Menu Design Shop Online Store

Menu Vase Vase. #Menu #artvoll #TopMarke

Menu Vase Vase. #Menu #artvoll #TopMarke

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The owner of this house switched all the colours in her interiors to dark grey. Photos by Mikkel Adsbøl.

Kitchen details #makeyourselfathome #menu #designletters

These ceramic designs from Cathérine Lovatt make for a perfect Scandinavian coffee station.

Menu Me Mirror

The concept of the Menu Gridy Me Mirror is simple: slot the mirror vertically or horizontally into the solid oak base. Gridy Me elevates the functional mirror to a singular object of design.