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Pairing wine with cheeses

Beer Glasses... by tammy

One of the most important aspects to serving any drink is choosing the perfect glass. There are five different beer glass categories to choose from. Print this out for Dad and include with some beer glasses for Father's Day.

todo lo que te gustaría saber sobre el vino

- Description - Specifications x Print Compare the different colors of wine with this unique chart. From light bodied red wines to well aged white wines, this poster gives you powerful insight

9 benefits of wine for your health

An important amount of scientific studies has proven the positive effects of one glass of wine per day on your organism.

Wine Figures Infographic  www.LiquorList.com "The Marketplace for Adults with Taste!" @LiquorListcom   #LiquorList

Wine Facts - wine glass, wine bottle, wine case, wine barrel and vineyard.

How to Make the Perfect Cheese Platter - Fresh by FTD

How to Make the Perfect Cheese Platter

Wine Pairings For Your Backyard BBQ  #Food #Drink #Trusper #Tip

Rosé is pretty versatile when it comes to firing up the barbecue. Pairs well with nearly everything and great for those hot days of summer! "The BBQ Wine Pairing Chart [Infographic]"

The world is full of delicious wine! Have you tried them all? #wineknowledge #infographics #world

An infographic of the world's top wine producers and consumers comparing the traditional old world nations of Spain, France and Italy to the new world regions such as the USA.

9 gráficos que ensinam tudo sobre vinho

9 gráficos que ensinam tudo sobre vinho

Making Scents of Wine Aromas is a charming, easy-to-use wine guide that will help you move descriptors off the tip of your tongue and into your tasting notes.

Descriptores aromáticos del Chardonnay

Chardonnay - White Wine - Love me some chardonnay white. is that a werthers I see in there? lol :D © Faber&Partner

know what your drinking and what to drink it with

drinking glasses stein chalice sake tankard collins dizzy cocktail martini highball juice old fashioned lowball shot glass table water whiskey tumbler pilsner pint pony champagne cordial sherry. so you won't get caught serving with the wrong glass

Off-the-Beaten-Path White Wine Varieties | Fix.com

Off-the-Beaten-Path White Wine Varieties

Off-the-Beaten-Path White Wine Varieties. These varieties are not so rare but not every winelover has tried all of them. I would point out thta Australia has much larger areas planted to Verdelho than it's native Portugal

Need a quick wine guide?  This wine pairing guide will guide you to the correct wine sections in your local grocery store!

How to pair food and wine (and cheese) To learn more about Beau Wine Tours and the services we offer in

Eat This, Drink That! A Guide to Food and Wine Pairings Infographic

Eat This, Drink That! A Guide to Food & Wine Pairings. The star ingredient of a dish should not be your only consideration when choosing a wine to go with it; you also need to take the other flavors of the dish into account.

With the summer coming to an end, it's time to start fantasizing about travel. How about the Portuguese wine regions of Madeira & Minho? Thanks to my guest blogger Andy Snow for this great article. Enjoy!

There are lots of different regions producing their own speciality wines across Portugal, each using its location and the unique conditions of its region to make a unique wine.