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OH Ilumina ti que horror

Trying to save my grades

When u read comments you made on here from when you were like 12 and realize how annoying you were

when ur grandma finds ur hentai stash << are you ok? << when your grandma steals your hentai stash

Really good yes

When you get a good look at the booty.


When someone says that they love/like/support Taylor Swift

Resultado de imagem para jhope john cena

Resultado de imagem para jhope john cena

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dog who borked 3 times


Matt Bellamy , lead singer and guitarist of MUSE

Found this pic, haha  Auslex till the end

Alex: O mi diso por favor te amo mucho Austin: Buscate una novia

rhett and link | Tumblr

When your mom tells u that u can't watch gmm!

Alex Constancio... Austin's best friend! <3

Happy Birthday A. ❤️ oh my gosh, you're all grown up already! Love you Alex!



I was listening to their music when I was struck with an amazing idea, who better to do a cover of Phantom of the Opera than Mattew Bellamy himself? His vocal range is perfect and with his own Muse twist he could just make the already perfect Phantom music a masterpiece? Repin this and you never know it could just happen.

Matthew Bellamy on the piano - Muse

Like what you See? Follow @Yagirl.Randi for more poppin pins!

Like what you See? Follow @Yagirl.Randi for more poppin pins!

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it is i, snorf

new fact about austin mahone - YouTube

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Austin Mahone – Agora Daily Flux