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Remember, in high school chemistry class when you found yourself thinking, “when will I EVER use this stuff in my life?” (unless, of course, you always dreamed of becoming a chemist). Well, if you became a potter, chances are you have found yourself getting reacquainted with some of the terminology from high school chemistry. If... Read More »

Firing is the most critical part of the ceramics process because it is the one thing that makes clay durable, hence ceramic. This article presents some of the principles of firing and getting the best results with electric kilns.

It’s hard not to love a good old classic glaze like a Shino or a Celadon. But sometimes you just need a change. Deanna Ranlett pushes experimentation with her students to make glaze mixing fun as well as educational. In today’s post, Deanna explains a recent experimentation on the classic glaze Falls Creek Shino.... Read More »

Explore ceramics daily at Ceramic Arts Network: Expert information on topics from how to make a glaze to burnishing clay to famous ceramic artists & more.

1950s Good Housewife Guide - great for "Lamb To The Slaughter"

This 1955 ‘Good House Wife’s Guide’ Explains How Wives Should Treat Their Husbands

Create a food digester (not composter) with this Solar Cone (shown above ground before "burial") that turns kitchen scraps into a rich nutrient tea for the garden. Our wise garden blogger reviews the product and has a couple of other recommendations. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

A Rind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Describes two effective alternatives to composting. Many factors can limit the ability to produce compost. These two products offer different but practical ways to organically recycle food scraps.

Live edge black walnut sofa table Check out the full project My uncle had a black walnut tree cut down in his front yard in the early 90's he had it milled and stored in the crawl space of our family's vacation home. I remember him showing it to me when I was younger but I had completely forgotten about it. While working on the home this past winter I rediscovered the wood and took it back home to our shop. My younger brother recently got married and he and his wife wanted a live edge table…

Help - Plumbing - Trying to hook up water hose Check out the full project This sounds extremely silly. I would like to add my bidet hose to the cold water supply line. I have done this before at another place but this supply line is different and baffles

rub wax here and there, slap on some red here and there, sprinkle salt on the red, spray brown/rust primer or just paint here and there, slap on some orange and turquoise, spray with Murphy's oil soap while wet, add a little more salt, dry, sand, stain

scrap wood with cool paint technique - just try it all it once! This is a combination of paint, stain, salt, wax and spray paint.

Making wood frame  look As if it is rusted Metal frame.... Get some flour (yes, flour) and a spray bottle of water...  Sprinkle the flour on randomly. In some areas, I rubbed it in with my hands to spread it out.  Mist lightly with water and let dry.  You know how you can make paper mache with flour and water and it dries hard?  This is the same idea.

Lucy Designs: A Free, A Fail, and A Faux, Roadside Mirror Makeover with Aged Rusty Finish and Vintage Look

Vintage wood stain by krystal357

I would recommend doing it outside as it stinks and the rust from the steel wool will stain concrete so do it in a shop or over the road. DIY Vintage Wood Stain look. (How to age new wood). Good for all things wood!

Cinnamon on wet paint gives faux rust look

How to Make Rusty Tin Signs. Adding one ingredient from your kitchen cupboard while painting a homemade sign can give it a rusty look. To create a faux rusty tin sign, sprinkle some cinnamon on the areas that you want to look weathered.

The JUNKtion: Old Weathered Paint Technique; My Bedroom Dresser

Alrighty, I'll eliminate the small chat because this is going to be a long post. Our bedroom dresser and chest wer.

"Here are some current, popular kitchen cabinet and other cabinet painting techniques. Hopefully these will give you ideas of things you can do with your own cabinets."

Popular Cabinet Painting Techniques

Here are some current, popular kitchen cabinet and other cabinet painting techniques. Hopefully these will give you ideas of things you can do with your own cabinets.