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Christmas Food Decorations

Christmas DIY: Santa Strawberries C Santa Strawberries Christmas Party Food Ideas

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Santa Cupcakes

Quick and Easy Holiday Desserts - Smiling Santa - Click Pic for 24 Christmas Cupcake Ideas and Recipes

This is a CCC made of 24 cupcakes. Many thanks to The Cakerator. I copied the idea from her. I was searching the Christmas gallery back in A...

Santa Cupcake Cake - This is a CCC made of 24 cupcakes. I copied the idea from her. I was searching the Christmas gallery back in August and thought her Santa was just adorable!

Santa Hat Cupcakes « The Best Cupcake Recipes

DIY Santa Hat Cupcakes for Christmas: Red Velvet Cupcakes, vanilla bean icing, upside-down ice cream cone, sprinkles, & a white gum ball / Kara's Party Ideas

Santa belt

another version of santa belly cupcakes, as seen here on cc. wasc cupcakes with left over icing (hehe)

Christmas Santa hat cupcakes - Royalty Free Stock Photo

Christmas Time The joy of Christmas has sprun g in…AUGUST? Well, stores are starting to bring out holiday treasures earlier each year, and even though it’s August, Christmas decorations.

LOL!  From Espace Relaxation ...

HOLIDAY cupcakes too cute to eat (41 photos)

Here are 45 Easy and Creative Christmas Cupcake Decorating Ideas that will keep children busy while they wait for Santa to arrive. Easy and Creative Christmas Cupcakes are a great treats.


DO-able Xmas tree cupcakes. Pretty sure even a cupcake decorating moron like me could pull this off.

Grinch layer cake

A Crossworder's Delight comes with lots of delightful holiday recipes! Like drinking eggnog? You'll love eating it.try making your own eggnog layer cake with this recipe!