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MessageToEagle.com – Many ancient mysteries surround the Yaghan people of Tierra del Fuego, an island near the southern tip of South America. The Yaghan established many settlements within Tierra del Fuego and their activities in the region can be traced back several thousands of years, but it remains unclear where these people originally came from. The Yaghan …

Mystery Of The Yaghan People: The First True Discoverers Of America?

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Strange fetus found by two garbage men and taken by a UFO research team, but what is it?

The Tehuelche Indians of Patagonia wear clothing and long hair that exaggerates their height. They were definitely taller than the 16th-century Europeans who first saw them. There were about 6,000 Tehuelches left in 2001. Candidate for: Patagonian giant.

In Patagonia guanaco camel furs are worn, the furs are turned inside out and the shin is decorated

Забытые истории человеческих зоопарков

Забытые истории человеческих зоопарков

FACTS ABOUT THE BALTIC ANOMALY! “It is not an object which is man made in modern time. What ever it is it’s either from during the ice age or pre-ice age.” – Peter Lindberg, February 24, 2013 “The object is older than 140.000 yrs. Older than that… with straight angles/lines – rounded corners… much like a “dinner plate” and separate from the base below.” – Dennis Asberg, September 28, 2012. There are THREE objects of interest .

Baltic Sea Anomaly ~ This HUGE object is still being investigated, but the resemblance to Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. The fact that it seems to be composed of natural minerals raises the odds of it being some kind of a natural rock formation.

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Bibliography of the Haush (Manek’enk) Indians An Indigenous People of Southeastern Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Ethnographic Bibliographies no. 8 Landscape and environment Prehistory Language …