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Food - Don't Waste It (poster). World War I

Food… Don’t Waste It. Cooper United States Food Administration poster, produced some time between Almost 100 years later it’s still relevant. Proving once again that simpler is.

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The Single Girl's Guide to Not Wasting Food

Personal Life: This pin and information about how to not waste food would help guide me in the right direction in my daily life. I dislike wasting food and I want to have tips of how to resolve this issue.

Real food won't make you fat....processed food will (even diet foods)!! Adapting to a clean eating lifestyle, and a regular exercise routine, will keep you lean and healthy! <3

Victory Garden of Tomorrow Remixes Posters From the Past

Eat real food" sounds like an obvious thing to say, as if it should go without saying. But in today's industrialized world of processed products-that-are-edible, a reminder to eat only whole, real foods is necessary.

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Patriotic Home Canning Promotions Poster ★ from World War II Of course I can! I'm as patriotic as can be --and ration points won't worry me! says the poster text; image by American artist/illustrator Dick Williams of a Woman looking surprised in a fr

"Constructive Criticism Manifesto" Poster

"Constructive Criticism Manifesto" Poster

How do you provide criticism? Do you critique people in a curt and blunt manner, or are you able to provide criticism that is both useful and tactful? Here’s a manifesto on how to provide constructive criticism. Good advice for any leader

Sustainability is about finding fun initiatives that will create a green eco-friendly environment

GREEN LIVING: grow your own food * use alternative energy sources * keep farm animals for manure and food * practice waste reduction * use alternative transportation * live simply * collect rainwater * work at home * be a good neighbour * do it yourself


I began my journey toward minimalism about months ago, and I am IN. With clear surfaces, a home that nearly always looks clean (even if it isn't), and enough empty space to just breathe. I firmly believe that our culture has a purely stuff prob

Do you enjoy feeling like you're part of a #team? If so, the DriveTime Sales Advisor role could be a great fit for you!

Do you enjoy feeling like you're part of a If so, the DriveTime Sales Advisor role could be a great fit for you!



Clutter isn't just about stuff. Clutter comes in many shapes and forms, but no one can clear it for us. The only way to finally achieve an organized home and life is to do the hard work ourselves.

Not all drinks are packaged equally. With Perrier, you can take advantage of that by adding a little impromptu ambiance to any date. Throw a rose into a Perrier bottle and have yourself a darling centerpiece in the center of town. Check out perrier.com and get inspired.

Perrier is a sugar-free and calorie-free sparkling natural mineral water. Perrier flavors include: Original, Lemon, Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Green Apple and L’Orange.

Beatles Lyrics Wall hanging

"Life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend." ♪♫ ♥ Beatles Song Lyrics music quote song lyrics beatles we can work it out

Un Manifiesto por una vida simple. Come menos, muévete mas, haz mas, estresate menos, ríe mas, siéntete bendecido, ama mas. Encuentra un espacio de silencio cada día y respira.

A Manifesto for a Simple Life Eat less, Move more Buy less, Make more Stress less, Laugh more Feel blessed, love more Find a quiet spot everyday and breathe

Living by this. Plenty of time to have a house and family. Be irresponsible. Be selfish. Do what makes you happy. Don't be in such a rush to grow up, you have your whole life for that.

30 Ways to Reduce Living Expenses - So You Can Travel

Do you want to reduce your living expenses so you can have more money to travel? Here are 30 simple ways of reducing your bills so you can save more money.

Can All You Can. It's a Real War Job! From WWII and the U.S. Office of War Information comes this poster promoting rationing and food conservation. Circa 1943. WWII food canning.

Can All You Can

It’s National Canning Day!“ “Can All You Can Its a Real War Job!" Series: World War II Posters, 1942 - Record Group Records of the Office of Government Reports, 1932 - 1947 ” See what other.