Entry for the Sailor Moon-themed Character Design Challenge! by Arch Arus

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The explanation for why Artemis always had a tiny fork in his food - Sailor Moon

セーラーサターン ♄

セーラーサターン ♄

been doing an illustration series of awesome female characters as mermaids! Here's the first Sailor Moon (as princess serenity) Harley Quinn and Wonder woman!

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Let's spread Sailor Venus to all over the world with us to get an anime stuff you want free.

by *alexielart on deviantART    As much as I feel bad for Seiya in the Stars season, this is hilarious.

Sailor Moon: Cut scenes 2 by *alexielart on deviantART Also, Seiya is a lying jerk!

pyromaaniporo: “ this was a beast, ahh i’m exhausted ”