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весёлый заборчик

A lot of schools now have Gardens as part of a School Project on their grounds, here is a neat fence idea that could go around the Garden, each student could paint themselves.

ART ECO. discarded lids, caps, jar tops etc

a bit of garden whimsy . made of bottle caps between the trees in the back.maybe in the school courtyard?


Dragon from tractor tires - would make great divider between garden & playground area within garden. Where can we get tractor tires honey?

Homemade stage for the outdoor area to promote kids freedom to express themselves.

Outdoor stage area for an EYFS with limited space! For music area We can use pallets n paint them?

www.hsneukirchen.eduhi.at images dir.herbert-muhr-zum-50er-13.jpg

www.hsneukirchen.eduhi.at images dir.herbert-muhr-zum-50er-13.jpg

DIY Typography Letters

Ideas Original to decorate your table this season - Comment décorer la clôture de son jardin?

Use pvc upcycled, paint them different colors and the frogs will make homes in them. Cut to a variety of sizes for a musical frog treat. Www.brighterfoundation.org

sculpture these are ceramic -opt. pvc, steel or aluminium tubes painted with outdoor paint

Enchanted Woods - Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library

Enchanted Woods - Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library in Delaware. there's a huge beautiful garden, and a whole enchanted woods with little wooden faerie houses and messages from the fae snuck in places.

Garden Bottle Tree - made out of recycled multicoloured bottles on a wire tree. Beautiful for any garden or allotment - Craft ideas

DIY: How to Make a Bottle Tree for Your Garden

According to legend, evil spirits cannot resist crawling into the colored glass of the Bottle Tree. Once inside the bottles, they become trapped and are destroyed by the morning sun. The Bottle Tree is one of the oldest traditions in the South.