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“Blessings be on this house,“ Granny said, perfunctorily. It was always a good opening remark for a witch. It concentrated people’s minds on what other things might be on this house.

⋆☾ all of god's children shall be destroyed ☽⋆

The people from the West of Hesperia, where the swamps and forests are thick, consider no house a home or a kitchen stocked if it does not include at least two dozen herbs for flavour or medicinal use.

Dont even know where to pin this because it fits sooo many of my boards...but making raw incense is THE BEST most spiritual thing...geez im pinning this in about 5 boards lol ...beautiful.

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Unicorn tears halloween bottle decoration - possibly vodka bottle label - gift idea? Put glitter in bottle?

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The Vatican Museums ramped spiral staircase by Giuseppe Momo in The stairs are actually two separate helixes, one leading up and the other leading down, that twist together in a double helix formation.