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Fuckin' story about small child soldiers. Little girl DID kick back the last of her whisky. She IS a battle hardened warrior

Hahaha ohmyyes that's awesome!

What if when a song pops in are head randomly its are soulmate singing?

Actually me. When we do the mile on gym imma bring my phone (cuz we're allowed to listen to music when we run the mile) and just blast Fall Out Boy and Panic! And scream the lyrics that nobody else can here cuz earbuds and crap and look stupid

The gym teacher I had these past two years would always play FOB, and it made gym class so much better

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life. I'd let him off the hook.

Make the dad die at the end of the story. Make it so tragic the reader's heart crumbles and then falls out. tho it would be a cool one

I could turn into a goddamned dragon. What brilliance!

And u could shapeshift into animals, so u could fly and breathe underwater.

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I knew someone in highschool who accidentally put porn up on the projector mid presentation, but at least everyone was over