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Ahhh I was nervous for her lol

Bethany Mota's collection   I need this shirt I say this all the time.

Bethany Mota Debuts Aeropostale Spring Collection Ahead of Pittsburgh Meet & Greet: Photo Check out Bethany Mota's new Aeropostale Spring Collection!

Still can't believe I met your this queen

Still can't believe I met your this queen

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I met Bethany today! I loved it and I love Bethers so much but the thing is, I only got to say "hi, nice to meet you" because there were too many people :( I wish I could've told her I love her and she is my inspiration but I never had the chance to... Bethany if you are reading this I want you to know I love you so much!!!

Bethany Mota's Success Secrets!

OUTFIT for school by Bethany Mota

I cant beleive i missed the meetup i wanted to meet her so badly, i realy look up to her and now its over. so long bethers.

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Beth those bullies didn't know she'd be famous making millions per year at 19 years old