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Full length: This bear exhibit shows the height of the beast as it rears up on its back legs

There's more than one way to skin a yak : Body Worlds creator Gunter von Hagens' latest work is an 'anatomical safari' of flayed animals

La exposición Animal Inside Out, maravillosa anatomía y arte con animales - Animal Inside Out exhibition exposes anatomy and art of 'wonderful beings'

Las mejores imágenes del mar y los océanos están aquí

Skinless elephant. --Think #elephants International

This is what a skinless elephant and a shark made out of blood vessels look like

Titan Gorilla here....

Anatomy - Gnomon Workshop - Using Knowledge of Anatomy to Create Better Characters

Body Worlds – Skin Man                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Taken at the Body Worlds anatomy exibition, London. Exibition of corpses which have been through Plastination, by Professor Gunther von Hagens.

Pickled animals form backbone of anatomy display

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Fantastic New Gunther Von Hagens Exhibit: Animals Inside Out - At the London Natural History Museum, from April


Movement is one of the most important and necessary processes for a grizzly bear. Movement can help in dangerous situations such as: Defending against dangers (predators, natural disasters) Catching.

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A superb fuck-ton of bear references. If you’re doing animation or something pertaining to bears walking, for the love of mud, watch some clips before you start. The forepaws move a bit differently from other animals. And regardless of how fat and squishy