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Udavi Gentillesse School

Inspiring school spaces from around the world – in pictures

Self-expression is really important at Udavi Gentillesse School in India, so this space was created to allow the children to be creative and have the opportunity paint without guidance from a teacher.

Ruled fir the music classroom! #musiceducation #musedchat

Music Posters: Music Decor: Music Classroom Rules Set 2

For Vivienne - Music Class Rules POSTERS Set There is one poster/page for each letter in the word MUSIC and one rule per letter.

My 3-5's did this with tennis balls and K-2 with scarves. Whole notes with scarves were a full circle with one arm going overhead, and half notes were passing around the body. Quarter notes we passed the scarf from hand-to-hand in front, and for Eighths we waved the scarf up and down. Great activity!

Tennis Balls Stars and Stripes Forever - I've got to try this activity! (Teaches whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes in a hands-on way.

Agrupadas por etapas (de 0 a 3 meses, de 3 a 6 meses, de 6 a 9 meses, de 9 a 12 meses, de 1 a 2 años y de 2 a 3 años), estas actividades están pensadas para estimular las capacidades que corresponden a los niños y niñas en cada momento de su desarrollo. Un breve recuadro de “Se logra...” indica los objetivos que se tratan de alcanzar con cada uno de los juegos propuestos, y todos ellos se resumen en un cuadro final.

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Fun, Fun, Fun with Smart Reader Kids - Exercise Time - YouTube

Fun, Fun, Fun with Smart Reader Kids - Exercise Time