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The red Fall trees surround and reflect in the beautiful pond. The accent of the white pampas grass plumes make this photo breathtaking.

Sanseverias in Orange pots complete the picture in Hamshire school

REPETITION - Contrast/Feature - Bright, warm colours: Sanseverias in orange coloured gloss pots (larger size). Style and supplier to be confirmed. Lisa Hall, all rights

As jabuticabeiras são as árvores mais altas desta cobertura de 100 m². O deque unifica o visual deste canto, que tem minirromãs em vasos de cerâmica. Para dispor a rede, toras de eucalipto. Projeto da paisagista Paula Magaldi

Varandas e terraços

The jabuticabeiras are the tallest trees of this cover 100 m². The deck unifies the look of this corner, which has minirromãs in ceramic pots. To have the network, eucalyptus logs. Design of landscape Paula Magaldi

15 Wonderful Photos Of Places to See In Your Lifetime/Butchart Gardens – Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada

15 Wonderful Photos Of Places to See In Your Lifetime

Stepping-stone path across a pond in Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Hanging Herb Garden

herbs An Upcycled Herb Garden. Here's what you'll need: * Soup cans (cleaned and labels/glue removed) * Spray paint * Chalk board paint (and chalk) * Paint brush * Twine (optional) * Drill. Tutorial from link - Cute idea for limited space

The bridge was old and wobbly. The bridge is over the top of a flowing small river. There were different coloured leaves all around from the trees that were close by. These leaves were also on the bridge.

ideas | Cuidado de Plantas

ideas | Cuidado de Plantas