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Architectural Animal Housing : cat shelter

Architectural Animal Housing

The cat's meow: The HOK cat shelter is a modernist, pentagonal structure which creates two scales of shelter; 'smaller modular units placed within a large enclosure to create a ¿home within a home'

oncrete provided the main material for the cat shelter by Standard Architecture and Design, with a cube housing timber platforms and a protruding timber viewing platform at the rear.

Space International designed Cat Chalet - Architects design cat shelters for animal charity fundraiser - Architects for Animals - FixNation

Architects design cat shelters for animal charity fundraiser

Architects design cat shelters for animal charity fundraiser. I don't have or want a cat, but this is a good idea for when I end up with one.

PET PROJECT BY MLA Pet house by Marie Laurent Wilfred

A' Design Awards & Competition 2015-16 - Early Call for Entries

Images of Pet Project by Marie Laurent from A' Design Award & Competition

Treat and Trick: How to Teach Your Cat!

Just because it's more difficult to teach tricks to a cat doesn't make it impossible! House cats have independent spirits and wildly varying personalities

DIY Cat Condo 2..Could use this design pole for form for many designs come up with! #cats #CatTrees

DIY Cat Condo instructions to make your own DIY cat climbing pole, Cat Tree

Cats instinctively like to roam, but the outdoors presents many dangers: Busy roads; Wild open spaces; Neighbourhood bullies, Diseases We specialise in making gardens secure, so that cats can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors safely. Katzecure is a cat containment solution with four different approaches from other competitive products: Humane — does not rely on sharp metal products, netting; or electric colars; Attractive — designed to blend in with your garden surroundings unobtrusively…

Welcome to Katzecure. We provide secure cat fencing to help keep cats safe in their gardens and others out so your cat can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors

The Kitten Cubes are built for kittens or small cats. Built with health and fun in mind, this handmade scratch post will look great anywhere.

Cats Toys Ideas - Kitten Cubes Cat Condo von TheHeftyCatCondo auf Etsy - Ideal toys for small cats

DIY Over Heat Register Pet Hammock 2 #catsdiybed

DIY Over Heat Register Pet Hammock 2 #catsdiybed

An exercise wheel for Cats! My cat needs one of these!

3 Color Teeth Bite Rubber Dog/Cat Play Ball Products Interactive Toys

【ねこ 貓 CAT】 スタイリッシュ☆有名建築家たちが「猫ハウス」を作るとこうなる! | TABI LABO                 猫のミステリアスなパーソナリティをデザイン化したCallisonRTKLの「SILHOUETTE」。


From the Archinect post, "LA architects design shelters for homeless cats – with adorable (and charitable) results"