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Natasha Bang (Yongguk's sister) is the rea badass! | allkpop Meme Center  OMG I never knew my mind has just been blown>.<

Natasha Bang (Yongguk's sister) is the rea badass!

Natasha Bang (Yongguk's sister) is the real badass! when my sister asked me to give her a Korean girl that looks like a mafia boss I gave her this she was like, "this is too much.

B.A.P Yongguk

Yongguk / he might not be considered the best looking in BAP, but I actually find him really attractive: eyes, smile, charisma and that lean, fit body.

Bap bang yongguk kpop

Perfect combination of formal and casual- love the coat and boots

Rude!  #bap #yongguk #bangyongguk #kpop

srealbubbles: “Cr: srealbubbles (me) BAP in Atlanta Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre ”


Bang Yongguk: Ah I can't breathe

This outfit is so simple but he looks so damn good!  #bap #yongguk #bangyongguk #byg #kpop #babyz

hot and charismatic bang yongguk with pinkeu pinkeu hot pinkeu phone.