Next-Generation Molecular Workbench

Next-Generation Molecular Workbench

Use Legos to teach about the periodic table of elements… | 31 Clever And Inexpensive Ideas For Teaching Your Child At Home

A chemistry unit study with LEGOS as models. Free teacher guide, lesson plans, worksheets at link. Teaching chemistry with Legos?

Firework chemistry

What makes fireworks colorful? It’s all thanks to...

chemistry of fireworks! What makes fireworks colorful? It's all thanks to the luminescence of metals. Find out more with this great graphic from NPR.

The Periodic Table of the Element!  This has a short video on each periodic table element.  Very cool!

Periodic Videos - Short videos about every element on the periodic table + other cool experiments


If you ever take or study chemistry, you gotta be on top of your Periodic Table. Here are some fun ways to teach kids of all ages about the Periodic Table, but watch out for the Borons.

QR-Coded audio of the Periodic Table - scan and listen - a mobile learning tool! This is so cool. Talk about differentiation! The only problem is that students will need iPhones, and iPad or an iPhone to use this tool. I love it though.

QR-Coded Audio Periodic Table of the Elements: A Mobile-Learning Tool - Journal of Chemical Education (ACS Publications and Division of Chemical Education)

How to Make a Simple Electric Motor.  Very clear directions & explanation.

How to Make a Simple Electric Motor

Middle School Science Fair Project Ideas Kids learn how to make a simple electric motor in this great engineering science fair project that teaches them how current generates its own magnetic field.