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Steam Punk....would love to see inside!

The steampunk food cart is the perfect vehicle for those looking to make an artistic entrance into the ever-growing food truck/food cart scene. The steampunk food cart was built by the Artisan Cake Company.

Steampunk Crafts | Steampunk Shotgun by ~LukeLombard on deviantART

Here's my baby in her entirety, all jazzed up and ready for a night on the town.

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Steampunk inspired Steam powered revolver Max no postprocess SteamPoweredRevolver Assembled

Steampunk Nerf Mod. Another gearless, sensible mod, with valves and gauges and tanks in sensible places, with sensible piping. The old school numbering is a nice touch too.

Goliathon Steampunk Nerf Gun Yes, it's not even a real weapon. The attention to detail is impressive, and though steampunk isn't always my thing, I think a lot of the art put into the weaponry is lovely.

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Steampunk weapons - [dontdopeas] ❤ liked on Polyvore

Big Daddy - Fantasy Replica Gun - Colonel Fizziwig - Steampunk Big Daddy is approximately in length and made from a strong cast resin and it is part o

Nerf Longstrike CS-6 Oh man, this project took... -

Nerf Longstrike Oh man, this project took way longer than I expected! I spent a good few hours just trying to figure out how to put everything back together. Nerf gun was taken apart, sanded, primed, and painted (with lots of section taping.

Dead Man's Hand, steam punk WORKING dart pistol

However, this gun is rad.