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For many people, the word “myth” may immediately bring to mind rich images of the ancient Greeks and their heroic tales of Zeus and the other Olympian gods. One may envision the stories of Midas.

Angel with the Cross by Ercole Ferrata, Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome

“Angel with the Cross” by Ercole Ferrata Cuius principatus super humerum eius (Whose government shall be upon His shoulder) Ponte Sant'Ange.

Perseus holding the head of Medusa, from the late and early century, 'Residence Museum' Munich Germany

Achilles dying | Achilleion Palace | Corfu (Greece)

blu-elettrico: ““ Statue of Achilleús Thnēskōn (Achilles Dying) The gardens of the Achilleion, Corfu, Greece ” ”

M. J. Joachim’s Writing Tips: Book Review: Alexander the Great, The Macedonian w...

Alexander the of Alexander in Istanbul Archaeology Museum. - Ancient king of Macedonia in northern Greece. Born in Pella, up to 16 years have been made in any of his mentor Aristotle. 30 years old, he has created one of the largest empire in history

Copia romana de un busto de Aristóteles de Lisipo (330 a.C.)

Aristóteles descansa en su ciudad natal

The Greek Philosopher Aristotle observed that all human beings wish to be happy and search for happiness. Why happiness?: The Greek Philosopher Aristo.