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You Are What You Eat (boy) - 22x16 print - Edwin Lester

You Are What You Eat (boy) - 22x16 print - Edwin Lester

You Are What You Eat (Male) is a work of art by Edwin Lester depicting a young African-American boy surrounded by vegetables and fruit, reading the Bible, and tearing pages out of the Bible to eat.


In my eyes this is a powerful depiction of sisters or friends. They are leaning on each other. (My opinion)

Grandma's hold our hands for a little while.... but our hearts forever....

Tender Hands by Jamal Scott is an African-American work of art depicting a young girl standing on a box playing with the hair of a seated barefoot elderly woman reading a paper.

Idea for project

A Mother’s Love rather a boy or girl i cant wait to hold and love our child Just so beautiful.

Grace John Holyfield Fine Art Print Poster

Grace John Holyfield Art Print

Grace by John Holyfield is a work of art depicting an African-American family holding hands with their heads bowed saying grace over a dinner table.


Valentine Boy art print Item # rcvalentineboys A young boy works on making a valentines card 22 x 28 inches overall art print size