Opening to the desert of Morocco

Red gate in Casablanca, Morocco, beautifully decorated with iron nailwork, open to reveal the desert beyond

Mosque of Herat, Afghanistan.  what beautiful blue green tile

afgham: “ s-a-b-r: “ Mosque of Herat, Afghanistan. ” ” I fell in love with Islamic tile work when I first saw this building in Smithsonian Magazine many, many years ago.

I would love to enter a place by walking through such a colorful doorway! :) If you have any questions at all about windows or doors, feel free to contact us - just answers, no sales (unless that's what you're asking for :-)

Tombe du sultan Iletmish ; mosquée Qouat ul-Islam, Delhi, Inde

mosquée Qouat ul-Islam, Delhi, Inde Waar is dat feestje? I hope my dream of going to India comes true!

Dar El Makhzen, Fez, Morocco, Tile in various shapes and shades of blue and white surround gold double door in keyhole opening

Best doorway in Fes, Morocco. Fes is known as the Blue City for its famous blue tile.

salmaserendipity: “ Door to Kings palace, Fez, Morocco ”

century door of King's Palace. Fez Medina, Morocco - the setting of Garment of Shadows, a and novel by Laurie R.

Indian door, flower carved… i really would like this for my front door someday

Beautiful Islamic Design

The Nasīr al-Mulk Mosque (Persian: Masjed-e Naseer ol Molk) is a traditional mosque in Shiraz, Iran. The colors from stained glass are amazing.