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No creerás lo que le sucedió a Hillary Clinton en un Chipotle de Ohio | El Viralero - Yahoo Noticias

No creerás lo que le sucedió a Hillary Clinton en un Chipotle de Ohio

NOBODY recognized Hillary Clinton at famous Chipotle stop in Iowa. She had to do a lap of a gas station to find anyone to shake her hand!

The Guilty

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http://pronewsonline.com Just another Picture that reflects Obama NOT Showing his support for america...this happens alot in the pictures I see of Obama and his wife Michelle...Ever stop to wonder"WHY"...they don't place their hand on their hearts??Or show the slightest Respect for the American Flag?? Obama is a POS!

The 22 Most Misleading Viral Photos (Explained)

Notice he shows no respect for our flag,impeach him.and kick him in the butt.he is a disrespectful little maggot.

#NeverHillary - Never Hillary is how some would vote if only they could. Remember Benghazi?

Now that Donald Trump has emerged as the last man standing after bloody Tuesday, Hillary Clinton surrogates are preparing to launch the most negative smear.

Man Who Leaked Clinton’s Medical Records Found Dead - 8/12/16 - This is actually…

The father of a doctor treating Hillary Clinton for dementia was found killed this weekend, just 24 hours after he leaked information about her deteriorating health to the public.

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Where did it all go wrong for Johnny Depp?

A string of tedious and indulgent performances from Johnny Depp leads Anne Billson to ask: where did it all go wrong?