Habitación Montessori (10)

It's also our family calendar so I didn't want it hidden or in Caspar's room. Otis can easily reach it but because we use a wet erase chalk marker he barely even smudges it. Almost baby proof.

Montessori inspired nursery - Habitación de bebé Montessori

Real-life, inspired nurseries - today's nursery is full of lovely vintage details!

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Parents are creating Montessori nurseries, home-school environments and making DIY inspired activities to do with their kids at home, whether they are in pre-school or public school. What is the Mo…

7 ideas Montessori para decorar una habitación infantil

Another lovely Montessori-ish bedroom for a toddler. I really like the "house" bookcase, and the rainbow of playsilks on pegs. Lucas' room, from "Colorfool.

Turner's Mellow Montessori Room — My Room | Apartment Therapy

Turner's Mellow Montessori Room

Amelie's Montessori inspired bedroom

How we implement the principles of Maria Montessori in our home.

Carnival-themed girl's nursery! The "big top" ceiling is amazing!

Veda Jane's Carnival Nursery

This is a carnival-themed nursery but I would love to turn the Big Top ceiling into a beach umbrella!