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For the first time I felt happy. Its gone again...

Took me awhile to get that it's all just one giant roller coaster. And I'm on a roller coaster that's only going down.

I'm nothing. No. My everything, you will never be nothing. You are not nothing. You are my everything. Please... Stop believing lies. I love you so much.

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Depressed Quotes, It Hurts But It's Ok I'm Used To It Depression Quotes ~ 10 Inspiring Depression Quotes 2015

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Depression In Women. According to the National Institute Of Mental Health, women are more likely than men to have depression, this means that they are two times more likely than men to suffer from major depressive disorder.

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I feel like I'm having a heart attack! You know the feeling when someone you love and trust betrays you and your heart feels like its crumbling. that's how I feel. and I'm scared

5 Things You Can Do To Help Someone With Depression

Also: worthless, pathetic, alone, misunderstood, a nobody. What depression really feels like. Not just being sad. More people need to read and understand the depth involved within depression.

I'm Just barely hanging on..

How I’m Feeling Right Know [This drawing displays the isolation and weight many feel because of mental illness.