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Ha I do this.

I named my cat Jasmine and reenacted the Lion King were Rafiki is holding Simba up on Pride Rock

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Dreaming Of Summer

SEASIDE I just ordered a new basket, liner and seat cover for my bike. Your never too old to deck out your bicycle.


Palmbrella by Philip Garner ( from “Better Living Catalog : 62 Absolute Necessities for Contempary Survival,

Marion Berrin

Marion Berrin is a Photographer currently based in Paris. Strictly shooting on film only, Marion’s beautiful photographs demonstrate clear compositions with focus on form, light and shape.

are you a ghost? why can i see you? this can't be real this can't be realthiscan'tberealthiscan'tberealthiscannotbefuckingreal

Yes, Rachel, you are a ghost. You are HELLA dead. They drowned you, remember? Remember the burning ache for air in your lungs as they held you down.

palm trees in fog..

25 Mesmerizing Photos of Fog - Thick fog covers the sky as a man walks through Buena Park Mall in Buena Park, Calif.