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Lucha contra la opresión

Estos personajes se ganaron el corazón del mundo por su carisma y gran corazón

South Africans respected the sixty seven years of previous president Nelson Mandela and his support of the country with sixty seven minutes of philanthropy and group activity around the country on his birthday Saturday.

Your Past can not define your future Patrice-Motsepe

Patrice Motsepe: South African Billionaire Donates Half His Fortune To Charity

Hitler a fait échapper l'Allemagne en 1945: échelonnement New Point revendications à d'énormes nazie Cover-up

25 Adolf Hitler Inspirational Life Quotes For Magnetic Leadership. Inspiring words and sayings that will make you a leader. Best Words to change your life.

White Farmers Are Not Land Thieves

Rabelani Dagada addresses ANC government's land policies, and how hostility toward farmers is threatening SA's economy and food security

Bill Cinton and Nelson Mandela.Mandela like Clinton and supported him during his impeachment proceedings.

President William J. Clinton with Nelson Mandela at the Philadelphia Freedom Festival. -from the Clinton Library