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Real life Shrek. Maurice Tillet was actually a very intelligent person who was a poet and writer. He could speak 14 languages.  Tillet was born in 1903, and as a teenager he manifested a rare disease called acromegaly, which caused his bones to grow uncontrollably. As a result his body was disfigured, and he turned into what people back then referred to as “freak show”; He took advantage of his condition, turning into a pro wrestler called the “freak ogre of the ring”.

[CasaGiardino] American supermodel Dorian Leigh & Russian-born French wrestler Maurice Tillet (Shrek the character was inspired in Tillet), 1945 by © Irving Penn — with Gastón Del Porto and Elio Ortiz.

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Hibakusha: That's what survivors of the nuclear bomb are called. The photo is "blind girl' taken in Hiroshima in 1963 by Christer Strömholm. Eyes that have seen a nuclear blast, brighter than a thousand suns. This girl had a hard life.

Peter Freuchen probably the world's most interesting man. Arctic explorer, journalist, author, anthropologist and badass. Among other things he amputated his own toes and lost his leg. Imprisoned and sentenced to death by Nazis he later escaped, won the $64,000 question, starred in an Oscar winning movie.

Arctic Explorer Peter Freuchen and wife, Magdalene Vang Lauridsen. Photo: Irving Penn, 1947 awesome people who made history always take the most surreal tongue in cheek portrait photo

An Album Of Old Fashion Looking Freak Show People

An Album Of Old Fashion Looking Freak Show People

Freak Show- the first picture is actually true, everyone technically has a tail in rare occasions it fully forms. These are all true defects of life. I know its not their fault and they can't help it but freak show people creep me out sooo bad!

old freak photos in Bilder suchen - Swisscows

Fannie Mills, also known as "The Ohio Big Foot Girl." She suffered from a rare disorder known as "Milroy's Disease" which causes uncontrolled growth in the feet and legs.

Esta paciente estaba en un tratamiento para controlar su enfermedad mental

25 horripilantes fotografías antiguas que te mantendrán despierto por las noches

The stuff scary movies are made of! Restraints, one of the ways a mental patient was "treated" for their illness during the time of mental institutions.

USS Indianapolis - Survivors in shark infested waters. For Maurice Bell, a survivor.

USS Indianapolis - Survivors in shark infested waters. Only 321 survived of the approximately 900 men who went into water. Many died from shark attacks. My brother-in-law's grandfather was one of the survivors.

The famous kiss. World War II

The stars of the famous kiss photograph, when the sailor grabbed the nurse for a spontaneous kiss when President Harry Truman announced the end of World War II