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#anime women who wear black have the most colorful lives

Me hides various jewels of high value in the folds of her dress. either she's a master smuggler who has a great get rich quick scheme for girls or she's trying to get someone's attention

"Little Brini, lost and alone. Little Brini, with no way home" - S. J. Renard

She live in the shadow of a lonely girl. Always so quiet you don’t hear a word. When life is hard and you know how that little girl feels just know people are dealing with much worse.


✮ ANIME ART ✮awesome picture - little kitty on the table, artist, plant, and of course, the mess. She's got a nice outfit too!

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I love how simple her hair is. But why can't my hair be this shiny? I want to cosplay without a wig can anyone give me tips on shinier hair?

Or this.

girl arm_ribbon black_hair blonde_hair blue_dress blue_hair bow card dress hairband hijiri_(resetter) long_hair original shirt short_sleeves smile solo space star very_long_hair wind

When I was injured and he took me to his home

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day~ {If someone knows the artist, please let me know.

...why does this remind me of(highschool)  Kara?? The aditude perhaps? Or the "that's nice V" air?

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why does this remind me of(highschool) Kara? The aditude perhaps? Or the "that's nice V" air?